Dogs prefer Electric Vehicles for travelling!

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle? Your dog will love you for it because dogs prefer travelling in electric vehicles, according to new research reported in the Canine Times

The study by Lincoln University found that electric vehicles help calm dogs down by cutting anxiety and over-excitement and help to reduce car sickness. There are no gear changes in electric vehicles so the smoother ride and reduced road noise and vibration reduced their heart rates by up to 30%. An increase in heart rate is commonly associated with motion sickness.

The study participants have driven their dogs in both diesel and electric vehicles and reported that they settled better (39%), were calmer (43%), less anxious (42%) and whined less (45%) in the EV.

Chris Knapman, of CarGurus UK, said: ‘We know from previous studies that the sharp increase in dog ownership in the past three years has caused many motorists to rethink what car best suits their needs.

For those who regard the switch to an electric car as a good fit, this study will provide reassurance that it’ll suit their dog as equally as well.”

Dogs prefer electric vehicles
Dogs prefer electric vehicles