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I have recently become a dog fosterer for a rescue charity!

​Many rescue dogs need extra medical care and TLC before they can be rehomed.  Many have had a traumatic past and may never have known a loving hand or home.  This is particularly true for ex-breeding dogs.  Once the dog has been socialised to appropriate human contact so they are relaxed in domestic and outdoor environments, the foster dog will then be ready to be adopted into the best possible home and owners for that dog.

Dogs may require fostering for two weeks or three months, or longer, depending on the degree of rehabilitation that dog requires.

​I thought it would be interesting to post a series of blogs on a weekly basis to show the progress of the dogs I foster, the problems to be overcome and how I have achieved that.  This may help you with overcoming any issues your own dog may have.

Once I have started fostering my first dog, I will begin the posts!


I will be using the Dog Listening techniques as outlined on my Rescue Dogs page to introduce the foster dog to its new location in the most stress-free way.
Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

I am an approved dog boarder in Romsey, Hampshire.  Your dog will be boarded in my home.  This arrangement is much less stressful for your dog than kennels would be and dogs settle in very quickly using this arrangement.  I will apply their usual routine for walking...