The key to applying the Dog Listener approach is the home visit.  The consultation would normally take place by visiting you and your dog in your home.  This is the perfect environment because:

  • You will be more relaxed and your dog will act more naturally in familiar surroundings.
  • In this setting you will be able to see exactly the approach used – that there is no mystery or trickery – and the reasons for applying it in this way.  You will see everything and be able to ask any questions at any time so that you are left in no doubt as to how the method works and the simple techniques used to apply it.

During lockdown, I had previously adapted this approach to a virtual visit, by way of a WhatsApp or Zoom video call.  I used my dogs to show you the techniques involved and I am then able to see how you are applying them.  This approach proved to be very successful.  We even went for virtual walks!

As of 26th January 2022, all Plan B Covid restrictions were lifted, so I have resumed to the home visit as the first step in resolving your dog’s issues – provided that you are happy with that approach.

If you prefer a virtual consultation due to your particular circumstances or because of your location, I am still very willing to provide this an an alternative way of helping you and your dog.  I will still provide any back-up support you may need.


The home visit usually lasts around 3 hours or so, depending on the problems to be addressed.  During this time you will learn why your dog is behaving the way he does and what he is actually thinking.  Once you understand your dog, you will be shown some simple actions to perform when in contact with him, enabling you to communicate with your dog and show him that the undesirable behaviour is no longer necessary.

If you prefer it, a virtual visit via a video call usually lasts less than 3 hours, probably because we don’t stop for tea!

Your dog will cease his undesirable behaviour OF HIS OWN FREE WILL – this is nearly always evident during the home visit – you will actually see your dog begin to change for the better, to begin to relax.

You will receive clear, written instructions as a reminder on how to apply the method and a bespoke Action Plan to follow.  After the consultation, I am just a phone call away if you have any further questions, require some extra advice or reassurance and support.

7 days after the visit, I will contact you to find out about your dog’s progress.  I will then arrange to provide any further assistance that may be required.  Any aftercare you may need is completely free of charge and always available in case you need it – whether days, weeks or months have elapsed since the consultation.  So you really can’t go wrong!

Dog Listening is a relaxed, life-long process that allows you and your dog time to learn and adapt.  You will be secure in the knowledge that assistance, support and advice is always available if you ever need it.