Home dog boarding has several advantages when compared to kennels:


Dog Boarding at a kennels can be a major change in environment for your dog, going from the home situation your dog is used to experiencing to a noisy, unfamiliar place.  This can be very stressful for dogs and can lead to a number of reactions, from not eating to separation anxiety.

Consider the situation from your dog’s perspective. Your dog has been left in an unfamiliar situation. All he knows is that you have gone and he is now in a new pack. He doesn’t know that you will be returning. He is now on his own in a kennel alongside other stressed, barking dogs. This is bewildering to your dog. He will start barking too, joining in with the others because he needs to fit in and also he needs to support his new pack. But its a false situation. He is among other dogs but he can’t interact with them. By the time you collect him, he will be completely hoarse – and not just from Kennel Cough!


When you board your dog with me, he will be in a familiar environment, albeit different to yours, of course.  He will be with my dogs, who are friendly and playful.  It is still a change for your dog but the adjustment required to transition from your pack to mine is much easier for him to achieve in  home boarding for dogs.

Your dog is used to a particular routine and adhering to it for a few days helps him to settle in quickly.  I will ensure that your dog’s particular needs are met.

You are most welcome to visit my home prior to your dog’s stay to ensure you are totally happy with the arrangements for dog boarding.  You will be able to leave your dog knowing that he will be cared for as you would wish by an experienced dog owner.

As a dog behaviourist, I will provide the environment and any guidance that your dog may need while he is boarding with me.

You will return to collect a calm, relaxed dog.


My charges are: Dog Boarding: £25 per 24 hours, Day Care: £15 


Do contact me if you wish to discuss long-term dog boarding in the Romsey and Hampshire region generally.