Experienced Dog Behaviourist in Romsey, Hampshire

Hi, I’m Ian Mackay and I’ve been a certified dog trainer and behaviourist for many years. Among other issues, I specialize in helping reactive, even aggressive dogs. I am based near Romsey, Hampshire in the UK. The techniques I use are based around a concept we call ‘dog listening’; essentially its about understanding that everything a dog does has a reason and by understanding that reason, we can find ways of managing the behaviour. 

A dog may be reactive to almost anything, from relatively trivial to quite serious.

The sound of the doorbell going off may send your dog off on a barking fit, or the sight of a particular dog or breed of dog may prompt a seemingly unprovoked attack.

Dogs can also exhibit other types of behaviour issues, such as pulling on the lead, separation anxiety, and chewing up your furniture. Excessive barking is also a form of reactivity which can make life with your dog very trying.

It can be extremely stressful if you are being dragged around your local area by your dog (when it’s you who is supposed to be walking the dog!) as well as never knowing what state your home will be in when you come home; you are never completely sure if your dog will suddenly act up and go out of control, and it’s never nice when other dog owners and non-owners give you that ‘you never trained your dog properly’ look. From there, it’s one short step to becoming the villain of the local playing fields.

But help is at hand. If you are looking for a Dog Behaviourist in Romsey, and serving the Hampshire area, do contact me to discuss how we can help.

We’ve had real success applying the Dog Listening principles to reactive dogs as well as to many other forms of unanted behaviour. So whether your dog drives you and your visitors crazy by barking whenever someone rings the doorbell, or whether it shows real aggression to other dogs or people, we can help you work with your dog to manage this.

One of my clients was Vasco, the Estrela Mountain Dog. Vasco was triggered by his owner’s doorbell; below is a video of a session we did to help manage this. It gives you an insight into how I work and how effective these techniques can be.

Dog Behaviourist in Romsey


Trainer & Dog Behaviourist in Romsey, Hampshire

Behaviours treated: Lead Pulling, Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Destroying Furniture, Chewing, Aggression, Reactivity, Poor recall… and all manner of other unwanted dog behaviour issues.

Click on the link below to go to my contact form, where we can set up an initial no-obligation chat. Here I can advise you on how best to address your dog’s behavioural issues. Looking for a Dog Behaviourist near you? – We serve the entire Romsey area and throughout Hampshire, UK.