Experienced Dog Behaviourist in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Are you searching for a dog behaviourist in Portsmouth? If you are, you’re in the right place.

I’m Ian Mackay, and I’m a certified dog trainer and behaviourist. I’ve years of experience in the field, and I’m based near Portsmouth, Hampshire. I specialize in working with reactive and aggressive dogs, but also deal with other canine behaviour issues.

My training approach is called ‘dog listening’. It’s all about me listening to your dog’s needs and understanding the reasons behind their every action.  This way, we can effectively manage their behaviour and turn them into the superstars they’re meant to be.

Reactive dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from the doorbell barkers to the unprovoked attackers. And they’re not the only ones causing trouble! We’ve got dogs pulling on the lead, dealing with separation anxiety, chewing up everything in sight, and barking up a storm. 

Picture this: You’re out for a peaceful stroll with your dog, but instead, you’re being dragged around like a ragdoll. Or you come home to find your furniture demolished, not knowing when your dog might go off the rails again. And to top it off, you get those disapproving looks from other dog owners and non-owners, as if you haven’t properly trained your furry friend. 

But help is at hand. If you are looking for a Dog Behaviourist in Portsmouth, and serving the Hampshire area, do contact me to discuss how we can help.

By applying my Dog Listening skills, I’ve achieved some truly remarkable results in managing reactive dogs and tackling those other unwanted behaviours. Whether your dog loses it every time the doorbell rings or has a bone to pick with other dogs or people, I’m here to lend a paw and help you manage these issues.

Now, let me introduce you to a furry friend of mine, Vasco. This magnificent Estrela Mountain Dog had a real problem when his owner’s doorbell rang. Here’s a video to show you how we tackled this issue. 

As you can see, my approach is all about understanding the root cause of the behaviour and dealing with it in a calm and effective way. I use communication techniques that dogs naturally respond to, creating a beautiful bond between dogs and their owners. 

When it comes to reactive dogs, remember this: they’re not ‘bad’ or ‘aggressive’. Their reactions are simply a response to a perceived threat or fear. By diving into the world of Dog Listening, we can identify those triggers and work on building a sense of security and confidence in your Best Friend.

Dog Behaviourist in Portsmouth


Trainer & Dog Behaviourist in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Behaviours treated: Lead Pulling, Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Destroying Furniture, Chewing, Aggression, Reactivity, Poor recall… and all manner of other unwanted dog behaviour issues.

Click on the link below to go to my contact form, where we can set up an initial no-obligation chat. Here I can advise you on how best to address your dog’s behavioural issues. Looking for a Dog Behaviourist near you? – We serve the entire Portsmouth area and throughout Hampshire, UK.