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Hi, and if you’re looking for a dog behaviourist in Bournemouth, you’ve come to the right place!

My name’s Ian Mackay, and I’m a highly experienced practitioner in the realm of canine training and behaviour. One of my areas of expertise lies in assisting reactive and even hostile dogs. Located in close proximity to Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, my methods revolve around the concept of ‘dog listening’. Essentially, this entails comprehending that there is always a motive behind a dog’s actions. Once we grasp this, we can devise strategies to manage their conduct.

Reactivity can manifest itself in various ways and intensities. It may manifest as a simple scenario where your dog becomes overexcited when the doorbell rings. Conversely, it can escalate to a more severe situation, such as your furry companion launching an unprovoked assault on a specific dog or breed.

Aside from reactivity, dogs can exhibit a multitude of other behavioural issues. Common problems encompass leash pulling, separation anxiety, and even furniture destruction. Excessive barking also falls under the umbrella of reactivity, which can make cohabitating with your four-legged friend a genuine challenge.

Imagine being relentlessly dragged around by your dog when you are supposed to be taking them for a leisurely stroll. It’s incredibly stressful. Furthermore, there’s the constant concern about the state of your home upon your return. You can never anticipate if your dog will suddenly go berserk. Moreover, it is unpleasant when fellow dog owners and non-owners cast judgmental glances your way, insinuating that you have failed to adequately train your dog. It’s as if you have been branded the villain of the local playing fields.

However, fear not, for I am here to provide assistance! If you are looking for a Dog Behaviourist in Bournemouth, and serving the Dorset/Hampshire area, do contact me to discuss how we can help.

By employing the principles of Dog Listening, we have achieved considerable success in addressing the issues of reactive dogs and other undesirable behaviours. Whether your dog drives you and your guests to the brink of madness with their incessant barking every time the doorbell rings, or they exhibit aggression towards other dogs or individuals, we can help you regain control amidst the chaos.

Allow me to recount the tale of one of my clients, Vasco, the Estrela Mountain Dog. Vasco used to become highly agitated whenever his owner’s doorbell chimed. Below, you will find a video showcasing a session where we collaborated to tackle this problem. It will provide you with an insight into my approach and the efficacy of these techniques.

Dog Behaviourist in Bournemouth


Trainer & Dog Behaviourist in Bournemouth

Behaviours treated: Lead Pulling, Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Destroying Furniture, Chewing, Aggression, Reactivity, Poor recall… and all manner of other unwanted dog behaviour issues.

Click on the link below to go to my contact form, where we can set up an initial no-obligation chat. Here I can advise you on how best to address your dog’s behavioural issues. Looking for a Dog Behaviourist near you? – We serve the entire Bournemouth area and throughout Dorset and Hampshire, UK.